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What is Accelerated Reading?
Accelerated Reading is a fun reading program where students are allowed to read books of their choosing on their reading level and then take computer generated tests.  For every question answered correctly, the student receives points.  Emphasis is placed on students choosing their own books and comprehension. 

AR Fun

1.  When a student or staff member earns 10 AR points, their name is called on the intercom and their photo is taken and placed on the AR Wall leading into the library.  As they earn more points, their photo advances along the wall.


2.  Students and staff members earning 25, 50, 100, etc… are recognized at Good Morning Parnell the first Friday of every month and receive a certificate.

3.  Students who earn at least 25 points with a 70+% accuracy rate before the Christmas break attend the Book Worm Blowout held in December each year.

 4.  Our Pride Organization hosts three AR Stores a year—November, February and May.  Students purchase prizes at the store using their AR points.  To visit the store, students must have a minimum of five AR points, with a 70+% accuracy rate.

5.  Also, individual teachers give incentive prizes in their classrooms for AR points earned.

Congratulations to all our fabulous readers!